January 12th, 2020

Generate More Income with Fewer Assets

It’s a new year with new challenges and new opportunities. But even as we set resolutions and think about how we want to change, as financial advisors, the need to maintain balance stays the same. The question remains: How do you find the right mix of advisory and commission-based products in relation to what isContinue reading →

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January 5th, 2020

Overcoming Communication Failure

Client perception is our reality. As financial planners, we solve problems. But, you can only provide meaningful advice if your clients understand the correct problem. I’ve talked in the past about how we have so much information available, we get paralyzed by indecision. And with so much information available, it can’t all be accurate. JustContinue reading →

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December 22nd, 2019

Using Communication to Diffuse Frustration

We’ve all lost clients for one reason or another. Clients move. The market experiences poor performance. A friend enters the industry and your client transfers business to them. Often, the reason doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you personally — it’s just the way it is. Regardless of why, losing a client isContinue reading →

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December 15th, 2019

Mitigate Risk. Remain Relevant. Serve Your Clients.

In every industry, there’s that one person, that expert, who’s willing to share knowledge for the good of others. For financial advisors working with middle-class Americans, that person is Professor Emeritus William Sharpe. As he ages, he understands firsthand the concerns he has worked so diligently to help us solve. In fact, many of usContinue reading →

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December 8th, 2019

3 Hidden Benefits of an Income Alpha Strategy to Grow Your Business

Change, even good change, can be daunting. And change usually comes with reservations. After all, if you are accustomed to doing things a certain way, and that way has worked all right, it’s hard to be enthusiastic. If it isn’t broke… right? Today I want to talk about a new strategy to implement with yourContinue reading →

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November 24th, 2019

Key Element of Growth: Asking Why

As we move to a new year, it’s important to think about how our business has changed. Consider your business. Think about the successes, and the areas that need improvement. But more than that, think about why you succeeded in some areas but not in others. A lot of people want to grow their business.Continue reading →

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