Episode 14 | Jamy Belcher

If you’re ready to grow, but feeling stuck, we can help you get moving. This week’s podcast features motivational speaker and coach Jamy Belcher. He applies lessons he learned on and off the basketball court for success in your career — and in your life.


Episode 13 | Tim Arnold

It’s difficult to cut through the noise to be heard by your prospects and clients. StoryBrand provides a seven-step framework to clarify your message. This episode we talk to Tim Arnold, trainer for StoryBrand, about the importance of story and how you can develop your message so people listen. Because, if you confuse, you lose.


Episode 12 | Randy Kitzmiller

Randy Kitzmiller finds strength is his ability to simplify complex problems and solutions. With more than 25 years of experience, he works with advisors to help their clients find protection and security in their retirement planning. He is a Chartered Financial Consultant®, Chartered Life Underwriter®, Retirement Income Certified Professional®, Fellow of the Life Management Institute® and a National Social Security Advisor®.


Episode 11 | Paul Kingsman

Always inspirational, Paul Kingsman, National Director of Practice Management for Ash Brokerage, joins Mike on his latest podcast. From Olympic training to asking for referrals and overcoming adversity, Paul and Mike put aside distractions and offer great tips for increasing productivity and growth.


Episode 10 | Next-Level Engagement

Everyone’s talking about taking your business to the next level by going virtual. Find out how Ash Brokerage can help you reach that goal. Join my podcast to hear first-hand how Ash has increased Retirement business and stayed in front of the digital trend.


Episode 9 | Increasing Assets through In Marriage QDROs

Looking for ideas to help your clients plan for retirement? We’ve got them. Mike is joined by attorneys Stephanie Prestridge and Marcus Foote for his latest podcast. They will discuss why QDROs are important even when divorce isn’t on the table, as well as how to incorporate LTC and Roth IRAs into your planning. Don’t miss it!


Episode 8 | Best Practices for Virtual Meetings

Adapting to the new virtual world might seem difficult; however, I have been using virtual meetings for several years. I have put together a short list of best practices that I have learned about choosing the right platform for you, a checklist of things to consider as you host meetings, and ideas to reach a larger audience. Please join me and get comfortable with the new way to communicate in less than 12 minutes.


Episode 7 | Tom Hegna

It’s a good time for a little expert financial advice. This week, Mike is joined by nationally recognized economist, author and retirement expert Tom Hegna. Listen in to find out how to help your clients prepare right now, without waiting for conditions to be perfect.

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Episode 6 | Dr. Sarah Hallberg

Good physical health, like good financial health, requires a mindset open to change. This week, Mike chats with Dr. Sarah Hallberg, a diabetes specialist intent on revolutionizing the lives of her patients. Join our podcast to find out how to transform the different aspects of your life.


Episode 5 | The SECURE Act

The SECURE Act: It’s something we’re all hearing a lot about. But how many of us really understand how to prepare our clients for the impact it might have on their retirement plans? Our January podcast can help make sense of it all. Mike is joined by Dr. Jamie Hopkins, Director of Retirement Research at the Carson Group, to discuss what it all means, and how to practically implement long-lasting, beneficial strategies for your clients.


Episode 4 | Frank Maselli

Like the idea of hosting a seminar, but worried about creating a presentation that delivers? Public speaking and seminar hosting aficionado Frank Maselli, shares his secrets with Mike in this week’s podcast. Listen in to learn the nine critical emotions of trust along with other tactics and proven theories on how to become a cross-solving advisor.


Episode 3 | Robyn Crane, Business Coach

Why is it so important to find the right clients? And how do you find them? Answering these questions is the key to transforming your business, but don’t just take our word for it. Join Mike as he chats with Robyn Crane, a successful financial planner and business coach. Robyn discusses how, after she earned only $500 her first year, she is now featured in top publications and television shows. And she’ll share her secret with you.


Episode 2 | Neil Wood, Business and Life Coach

Change is hard. It’s a fact. But take it from Neil Wood—a speaker, coach, consultant and world-class marathon runner—YOU do have the power to do it! Success starts with believing in yourself and changing your inner monologue. Ready to learn more? Join Mike as he chats with Neil about how to change complete strangers into potential clients. They’ll show you have to find that common ground and make a personal connection.

Learn more about Neil Wood here.

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Financial Advisors

Episode 1 | Mark Magnacca, Allego

The wait is over! Join Mike and special guest Mark Magnacca, co-founder of Allego, for our first ever High Performing Practice podcast episode. Discover the importance of engagement and connection with clients. Get ready to transform your business.  

Learn more about Allego here.

Preview Episode | Welcome

Are you ready to spark your growth to achieve a higher-performing practice? Your host, Mike McGlothlin, previews what’s to come for the new High Performing Podcast.